Rules and Safety

Space Rules
Read the rules
Our events only for adults over 18.
Be polite. Always and with everyone.
It is upbringing and politeness that will open the way for you to the world of another person.
If you want to know something, just ask.
The direct question is not a terrible practice at all. And saves a lot of time for pleasure.
No is the answer.
You can always say no. Nobody owes anything to Kinky Friendly Family.
Act only after a positive response.
Can? Forward. This person wants the same. Enjoy it.
That's all. Protect yourself, do not remove and comply with the laws of Ukraine.
We invite you to the space of a culture of harmony and urge you to respect any identity and boundaries, everyone's choice and personality. We encourage freedom of expression and create a safe space for this.
If you violate the rules - obsessive, aggressive behavior, we will be forced to ask you to leave the event.
If any of the guests behaves incorrectly, inform the organizers immediately.
There is an area in space where in the express version you can get free HIV testing
In order to make your intentions at the party more obvious to others and to protect yourself from unwanted attention, we suggest you choose one of the colors of the bracelet, according to the traffic light principle:

❤️ Red - Stop. Putting on this bracelet you signal to other guests that you should not be involved in the interaction, even if you are very close. And of course, if it becomes interesting to you, you will inform the person you consider necessary about this.

💛 Yellow - Attention. Putting on this bracelet, you inform other guests that they can attract your attention and openly invite to interaction. And if it becomes interesting to you, you, of course, will inform the person you consider necessary about this.

💚 Green - Forward. Putting on this bracelet, you inform others about your active position in interaction and readiness to be involved in a game that you like.
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